The Tree of Life and Mommy

If you have seen the logo for my Project Alchemist work, which is this beautiful tree of life… I thought my obsession with trees comes from mom’s deeply ingrained training around being environmentally conscientious….

When we ate fruit as kids; she would send us out to the public park and abandoned lots of land to plant the seeds for ordinary folks, so that in time they would all have access to fruit for free.

We still continue this practice under her ever watchful all knowing eye.

She has been recycling everything since forever and each one of our houses has had a compost pit and a water harvesting system.

She has planted trees for all the seven Chandra kids… she has planted every kind of tree that will be needed for years to come, keeping in mind its health benefits, light and Vastu alignment years in advance in all our homes.

Mother plants when we have birthdays and when our fur babies have passed on.

While writing about our “Tree of Life ” interpretations for The Carpet Cellar, I came across so many other cultures that have had this deep connection to trees…



“To the Ancient Egyptians, the Tree of Life represented the hierarchical chain of events that brought everything into existence. The spheres of the Tree of Life demonstrate the order, process, and method of creation.

“The tree represents and provides so many of the qualities we seek; shelter, stability, nourishment and continuity.

The roots connect us to the depths of what lies underneath the surface, the branches give us wings to connect to the skies and fruit provides sustenance to heal, grow and flourish.
The Tree of Life connects our earthly desires to our scared aspirations while very much asking us to stay in the present moment, honouring the cycle of time through the seasons.”

– TheCarpetCellar™

Isn’t that something!!! Mothers know everything! That too in advance!

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