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Divya Chandra in the News

Acknowledged as a fresh new voice from contemporary Indian theatre, she has been applauded for ingenuity and moxie.

Divya’s work has been covered in national newspapers like The Hindu, The Asian Age, Hindustan Times, Mint Money, Indian Express, Times of India and in magazines like Femina, First City, Society and India’s premier magazine for the arts Avantika. She has also been interviewed on 94.3 FM, Times Now, Zee Tv and on Blog Talk Radio in New York and had her blog featured on several sites in the U.S.

Videos to Watch

Women of India Leadership Summit on Zee Tv

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Women of India Leadership Summit on 94.3 FM 2014

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Women of India Leadership Summit on Times Now

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Articles to Read

A Migrant’s Dilemma and Tagore’s Pathos by Kavita Nagpal, Sept. 23, 2011, The Asian Age

Grey Anatomy by Dipanita Nath, Apr. 30, 2012, Indian Express – Journalism of Courage

Shoorpanakha and Shakuni Meet to Retell History by Ipshita Mitra, May 11, 2012, Times of India

Snapshot of the Women of India Summit by BrainGainMag, 2014

Capital to Host Women of India Leadership Summit by IANS, Sept. 24, 2013, Business Standard   by Grazia Magazine | May 7, 2020



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