“Divya Chandra is a woman with incredible vision and her creation of The Women Of India Summit is something to be applauded. It takes courage and fortitude to stand up and acknowledge what is right, what needs to change and then take action. The Summit is Divya’s offering to the women of India. An offering that lifts them up, supports them and encourages them to know their rights, shift their mindset and claim ownership of what is rightfully theirs. Divya is a champion of Women and a powerful advocate for women to both see and embrace an empowered life through knowledge, tools and practicality. If you are building a panel, hosting a conference, producing a news segment that pertains to women’s issues Divya should be your first thought. She offers a powerful and clear perspective on empowering women.”

Christine Agro
Media Expert for Conscious Living/Meditation Expert/Bestselling Author Speaker

At the launch of ONE BILLION RISING 2018, Divya was asked to launch the movement for India and did a workshop with 600 students in Mumbai.

“Exhilarating is a mild word to use for the way I felt this morning at my AlmaMater, THE J. B. PETIT HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS… a wonderful exchange between Divya Chandra, a Shero from Delhi who took the students on a thinking spree of what young women should do, feel and act on.

Principal, BINAIFER KUTAR and English teacher, Rashna Desai and the entire staff, NEED TO BE COMMENDED ON HOW THESE YOUNG GIRLS HAVE BEEN EDUCATED to think for themselves and articulate their feelings. Thank you for this opportunity, Ms Kutaar and Rashna.

Kaizaad Kotwal was the moderator and I just sat and enjoyed and re-lived those beautiful memories in this great institution of learning. Continuing this movement throughout 2018 with other educational institutions.

Divya Chandra… an amazing woman, the way she handled the entire event, was mind boggling to say the least….Kaizaad and I thank her for her presence and her highly intense but at the same time casual approach so as not to intimidate her young audience… and they loved her for it!”

Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal
Actor & Director and Karmaveer Puraskar Award Winner

“While Divya’s natural ability to connect with every individual at a deep level is abundantly evident, there are a few things that make her truly exceptional.

She’s an outstanding listener. While this may sound simple, very few have the ability to make someone feel understood purely by the way one listens to someone with genuine intention to understand. That is powerful. She can empower just by listening.

Her ability to piece together holistic wellness for individuals by connecting the dots through her extensive knowledge of  alternative medicine, meditation and dietary disciplines ensures the most effective approach tailored for every unique individual. She filters through to the correct choices for an individual consistently with great results.

She has an outstandingly creative mind. The power of her imagination in setting out clear visions and articulating them in no uncertain terms is second to none. Be it the Summit for Women, workshops or theatre, her concepts, scripts and content always deliver practical impact and give individuals actionable ideas to change their own lives.”

Priyanka Nagpal
Vice President at STAR Sports

“A friend and colleague, I have witnessed her ability to support people of all genders, belief systems and backgrounds in identifying and creating the life they desire. Through her gentle and direct professional approach, she seamlessly weaves together the perfect ingredients her client(s) need to step on to their desired path – no matter the professional focus. If you are looking for the perfect guide, Divya is for you. I highly recommend her for her professional development skills, supporting clients in achieving their goals, and creating visionary business ventures.”

Sara Willerson
LCSW Owner/Founder, Horses, Heart & Soul® Equine Guided Life Coaching

“A committed professional, it’s been a pleasure knowing Ms Divya Chandra. She is a woman of many strengths and hardly any weaknesses because she knows how to turn weaknesses into strengths. As a writer, theatre artiste, founder of the Women of India Summit, Ms Chandra dons many hats with panache and effortlessness. She is an inspiration.”

Ipshita Mitra
Editor – TERI Press

“I first met Divya while working on the Women of India Summit with her. The Summit and all her work is guided by an unwavering passion, through platforms for change and dialogue. She dons many hats, yet everything that she does is grounded in her values, beliefs, and most importantly, authenticity. Would highly recommend her for anything around gender equality, and women’s empowerment.”

Arjun Guleria
Partner Beam & Words

“Versatile and innovative, Divya is an energy powerhouse who is equally comfortable on stage as she is in corporate settings. I have been impressed with her ability to think out of the box and push ahead with ambitious audacious plans. She is a fighter who will stand up for her rights and that of other women. More power to her!”

Monika Halan
Consulting Editor at Mint, HT Media

“Divya, a champion of the feminine voice, is a pioneer, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, author, and most importantly a doer. She established ‘The Women of India Summit’, a marquee event bringing together highly successful women leaders, from different walks of life & across the globe, who made a difference to their business and community. Divya has dedicated herself to the advancement of gender equity and continues to inspire action and drive change in this area.”

Pallavi Chopra
Head of Marketing at Red Bus

“Divya Chandra is a gentle visionary and agent for change. She is an advocate for empowerment who both walks her talk and shares her resources, connections and learning with women who have not otherwise had exposure to them.”

Kathy Biehl

“You couldn’t ask for a better “Project Alchemist” than Divya Chandra – her sessions, and perspective,  truly enable those who engage with her in one on one, and her group sessions, to understand and bring to fruition the concept of finding – and nurturing – an “authentic voice”, a concrete framework with which to build more meaningful relationships, find peace with circumstances that one cannot influence, and cope with the harsh environment in which many of us live.   Divya always brings her effervescent best, and makes these unforgettable.”

Karan Khosla
Director, EarthSafe Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

“I had an amazing experience! I am carrying the inner journey and thank you for defining my meditations and place of sanctity!”

Shabnam Narula
Jewelery Designer

“The classes are the most amazing thing I could have gone for . You are like my guru and there are very very few gurus or teachers as i would call it, who I have in this world. you are a really good teacher and you are strict and very good with what you do.

I would always recommend you and will try and always attend your classes if they are at a good time and it is after work or something.

These classes are not just acting classes – they are everything for human development. It makes you more confident on doing anything you want. These classes teach you a lot and it helps in true personality development not like the other so called workshops, your classes build up confidence.

To Sum it up your classes are the best in the world and I have thoroughly enjoyed them and I am willing it to do it again and again. I will do it again next year. You are the best teacher one could have.”

Prashant Nagpal

“I came to Divya’s workshop to learn and understand the craft the theatre, but what I discovered was much deeper. I connected with myself and allowed expression to flow through from within. The embodiment exercises were fantastic and helped me accept myself more openly. I enjoyed every bit of the body and voice work along with the daily meditation practice. It was a great joy to be a part of her workshop.”

Anchal Kaushal
Art and Communications Director @weareperona

‘All of the arts must singly and together create the most comprehensive art of all, a humanized society, and its masterpiece, free man.’ – Bernard Berenson.

“Divya Chandra’s workshop is about such art where acting is taught through self-discovery.

Divya’s depth of character makes it very easy for her students to form a connection with her and be fully at ease through every aspect of the workshop, be it meditation or impromptu acting. The connection continues even after the workshop is over! She makes the experience truly enjoyable, memorable and inspirational and is not just a great actor but a wonderful teacher and friend.

In a short span of time the workshop manages to make one recognize and shed their inhibitions when on stage and beyond. It enabled me to move closer towards a place of sanctity that we all have within us but often fail to touch upon. I find myself using the exercises that were conducted by Divya very often when faced with stress, anxiety and dilemma and that is what makes the workshop special to me. Besides explaining significant tools in theater such as body language, timing, voice modulation and teamwork; it was also an emotionally enriching experience.”

The workshop taught me to see the connection between the art of theater and that of being in touch with oneself. While some of the exercises helped me understand what emoting on stage is about, others helped me understand my own conflicting emotions and also how to deal with them. I had enrolled hoping to learn more about acting but it ended up teaching me a few things about life too!”

Shivani Aggarwal