Self Esteem Deficiency

WANTED: One cup of Self… please!

Self confidence…Self Esteem…Self love

There is a lot of chatter about “the self” these days, almost like its a product you can order on Amazon or Net- a -porter that will make everything in your life ok. Or a vitamin deficiency your doctor forgot to test you for.

Yes it is true that your sense of self is the foundation of the major relationships in your life and self care is a big part of our lives today. But what does it really mean? This deficiency of self something. Where are you with it in your vision of success? And where are you falling short?


The Art of Talking to Yourself: Self-Awareness Meets the Inner Conversation by Vironika Tugaleva

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Look at the last ten things you posted on social media.

What were you telling people about “you” through those posts? Make a note for each and every post, give it names, a soundtrack if you like. Which aspect or need of self love, confidence, esteem, care were you trying to get filled or met?


The Person You Really Need to Marry with Tracy McMillan

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