Lost Women of the 21st Century

Are you one?

Women today have more rights, access to knowledge, skills and jobs than ever before in the history of mankind and yet the levels of stress, mental illness, dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem are at their peak. Where did we get lost? Why are we not happier and more at peace? Have women’s roles in modern society really changed or are we just dressing better for our parts in fancier costumes?

How do media/movies/ advertisements/ music videos impact the position of women in society and also how we think about ourselves and in relationships?


The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdoc

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What is female archetype do you relate to? And why?

The Survivor/The Nurturer/ The Good Wife/ The Martyr/The Father’s Daughter/ The Librarian/ The Spinster/The Boss/ The Matriarch/ The Queen Bee/The Mystic/ The Free Spirit/ The Quirky Misfit/The Maiden/ The Troubled Teen/ The Waif/ The Damsel in Distress/ The Princess/ The Victim/The Seductress/ The Femme Fatale/The Spunky Kid/ The Plucky Girl/ The Girl Next Door/ The Rebel/ The black sheep/ The Lady in Waiting/ Always the Bridesmaid never the bride/he Activist/ The Crusader fighting for someone else’s rights


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