Decoding Narratives

Stories from your culture, your family of origin and your own personal narrative decide among many other things:

1. Self esteem
2. How much risk you are able to take
3. Limitations
4. Lack
5. Inadequacy
6. Roles you play in relationships
7. Places where YOUR needs stay unmet and dissatisfied
8. At work how far you are able to go
9. How much success can you handle


Who Would You Be Without Your Story? by Byron Katie

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Try a Simple Exercise

Excavate the gold in your story. Take the time to write down your thoughts.

What genre is your story? Drama? Romance? Horror? Tragedy? A comedy of errors? How did your story impact you? How did it inform your point of view, first of yourself and then of the world? Where and how did you deviate from the original narrative?

When did you become the co-creator. and where were you living our your part in the family/culture story?


The Danger of a Single Story
with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Looking to go deeper?

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