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Online Courses by Divya Chandra

Online Courses by Divya Chandra

I have loved working with clients around the world in business and personal coaching but there is only one of me and schedules being what they are, I have now put together specific courses thru a video format.

The advantage of these courses being online in this format are many:

  • You can work with them at your own time and at your own pace
  • From whichever part of the world you are in
  • You don’t have to scramble to take notes in case you missed something, you can just rewind and watch/listen again
  • Its an easy and simple way to get the information and solutions you need at your fingertips.

Re-Telling Tales:
Reframing and Reclaiming the History that Binds You

A quick and concise course to create immediate & lasting change in your life!

  • Getting to the root of the “lack-of” in your life
  • Why you don’t have the career, relationships and level of success and achievement that you have always wanted
  • Identifying the limits of your LOC – Line of Control – the lines we dare not cross
  • Choosing a new story and therefore creating a new experience of yourself and how you function in the world around you

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Things they Absolutely Won’t
Teach You in Business School

Twelve Essential Alchemy Tools
For Entrepreneurs


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Communication Strategy
for Leaders

Part 1. Public Speaking & Confidence Coaching
Part 2. Maxing Press Interviews


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Group Classes

For those new to my work, I work with companies, teams and individuals in two ways:

Either through one on one coaching packages or through my online schools on Teachable in groups. In the group classes we meet once a week and work through specific topics and challenges.

Please get in touch through the contact page for a link to my Teachable schools if you are looking at working with me in this way.

  • The group programs are designed for people who see the added benefit of working with other people
  • These programs run anywhere from 7 days to 6 weeks, to 3 – 12 months depending how deep you want to go
  • Ideal for those looking for an international and global experience

Zero to Sixty:

Creating Something From Nothing
Turn Your Passion Into a Business

Is a six part online treasure trove of information for the first time anything, entrepreneur, artist, actor, writer whatever you want to be. It’s the ultimate start up kit for the person who is looking to well, start up something.

Often we have long held dreams to take a new road but the enormity of the task is so daunting and cripples us, keeping us from taking any steps towards its creation. Leaving us even more unfulfilled, knowing you have a song in your heart but unable to find the courage to sing it.

When we think of creating or launching a new venture, we immediately envision the end game, the you and the venture at its peak in their finest hour; the restaurant booked to capacity, product sold out , a standing ovation by a sold out stadium, the Oscar acceptance speech, the million followers on twitter, the video gone vira etc etc.

But that speed is mach 180; a celestial combination of high performance meets extraordinary circumstances, support and the illusive benevolence of chance and destiny.

What you will be learning here is how to go from zero to sixty, to take the baby steps that will get your idea up and running in the real world in real time.


Simple Social Media Strategy

& Branding for Small and Niche Business Owners


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For Students

Interviewing for a Job and Auditioning for Life


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For Performers

7 Audition Strategies That Will Put You Ahead of the Line


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